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Tuesday, June 2
Good morning everyone! We got some much needed rain last night. Now with the next two days heat watch how fast things grow! I am looking forward to seeing everyone Friday at the school to pick up their personal items. The collection schedule is in the newsletter which you were emailed and you can also find on this website. Please read the important instructions so everyone can stay safe. Looks like they are going to extend the state of emergency until the end of June. Maybe not what we wanted to hear, but also what needs to happen so we don't slide backwards and make all we have sacrificed worthwhile. Have a good day!
Monday, June 1
Good morning! Sorry for the late posting this morning, but I was awaiting a confirmation email so I could share some good news with you. We will be distributing student belongings this Friday, June 5th. The newsletter will be emailed to you today. Please make sure you read it as the detailed instructions and schedule are within the email. I really tried to make it concise. We really need everyone to attempt to get their items collected so that Mrs. Baker can begin the cleaning process. Please watch for the newsletter today! 
Public Service Announcement from Grade 1/2!
Thursday, May 28
Good morning! As you have likely heard, we are working on a plan for collection of student items. As soon as we have the plan finalized we will share it with you through a school messenger email. We are hoping to do this as soon as possible. Looks like rain over the next couple of days, we need it, so let’s hope for a bit of moisture. Have a good day.
Wednesday, May 27
Good morning families. I am sure you have heard the news this morning that the state of emergency has been extended to June 9th. So we will all carry on doing what we need to do and have been doing to help stop the spread of Covid 19. I am pleased to see that some of you have sent emails and pictures in already of things you have been doing with your families to show appreciation and support. Ms. Siemon is going to put these things together in a video to share with the school. Have a good day. 
Tuesday, May 26
Sorry for the delay this morning folks. I have been making pies this morning. Why would I make pies on such a hot day, well here is why. My neighbour works at St. Mary's hospital in Kitchener. She has to stay down when she is working her shifts, but now allowed to come home on her days off, of course as long as she stays socially distance. She got home yesterday and I felt compelled to do something nice for her. So I made her and her family a summertime family favourite of our's Rhubarb Custard Pie. I figure with all she has had to go through, I could suffer a bit of heat this morning to make her a pie.... and of course you can't just make one, so there are some pies for the neighbourhood as well. Making something and showing appreciation for someone like my neighbour and her family and the sacrifices they have made makes me feel good. Even though it was a hot task having the oven running this morning, the good that I feel is all worth it. Maybe you and your family have already done something to show support for others making sacrifices for us, but if you haven't you might take some time with your child to think of what you could do. If you would like to share with us a picture/email about what you have done to show your appreciation, I would love to see them. Email them to me at
Monday, May 25
Happy Monday morning everyone! It appears that summer is here. I am sure the kids are having a great time playing outside enjoying themselves. I know many of our students have been helping you plant your gardens and flower beds, enjoying and learning as they watch the plants grow. This is precious life learning as they are also learning the value of helping the household out. Chores and learning to contribute helps promote responsiblity and stewardship of the earth and the family circle. Have a great day! 
Friday, May 22
Good morning Families! Happy Friday! It is looking like another beautiful day full of warmth and sunshine. I image your kids are so excited to be able to have full days outside. Enjoy the weather and time together today and this weekend. My fingers are crossed for a campfire and maybe cooking over the fire. Have a great weekend. 
Thursday, May 21
Good morning. What another beautiful day! Great day for a hike, or outside adventure. May you have some place you can go safely and breath in the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of Mother Nature. As Ms. Rodgers says "Have your looking eyes on, and see what you can find."
Wednesday, May 20
Good morning! By now all of you have heard, I am sure, that our physical building will not be opening up until September. Today begins the many meetings and planning sessions to come up with how to finish the year off and planning for the fall. Through our communications department and watching this website, as well as school messenger alerts and emails, we will do our best to keep you update with information. In the coming days I hope to be informed about the plan to gather up student items left at the school and how we will safely get them to our families. As soon as I know, I will let you know. In the meantime, our staff will be continuing with the on-line learning. Please continue to connect with your child's teacher. 

Students, we were all hoping we would get to see each other again to finish off our school year in person. Most classrooms are connecting through video conferences. Please do your best to try and join a face to face meeting. Even seeing and talking with your peers over the computer sure is better than nothing. I had the pleasure of joining the 3/4 meeting for a bit at the start last night. It warmed my heart to see the kids.
My how they have grown!

Today is a beautiful day, I even enjoyed tea on the deck this morning, and students, I even put on capri's this morning and my flip flops! Make sure you enjoy this beautiful day, and knowing your teachers I am sure there are many outside activities coming your way as this week is supposed to be really nice outside! 
Tuesday, May 19
Good morning families. What a windy and wet day yesterday. Another windy day today, but I think I see the sun trying to shine. Our gardens and crops should grow well this week with all that rain and now the sunshine and even some heat. I know many of you have been busy planting gardens as you have been sharing your pictures with us. By the looks of my emails your teachers have been busy this weekend planning lots of fun activities for you to do. I will let you log in and get to your fun today. Keep in contact with your teacher and let us know how you are doing. We miss you. 
Friday, May 15
Good morning Families! It is a rainy start to our holiday weekend, but a little rain never stopped too many of us before. I am sure many of you will be talking with your kids to figure out what special activity you can do this weekend to make it special for you. Sometimes as adults, we think the task or event has to be a big deal, but in reality for most kids something small is all they are looking for. Make the most of your weekend and just doing things with your kids, on the simplest level, is enough for them. Thank you for being involved with your child this week, and every week, supporting them through their online learning and life learning  you are providing them. 
Don't forget to check out the Covid Activities page, for two special events this weekend!
Thursday, May 14
Good morning families. I know many families are trying to figure out how they are going to make this long weekend special. May you find comfort in the simple things you can do for each other that can make a weekend special. Remember to keep connected with your teacher or EA. We are just an email away. Mrs. Cochrane always checks the phone messages at the school, so you can call and she will pass on your request.Take a look at the activities for home tab on the website for ideas of things to do. Talk to you tomorrow. 
Wednesday, May 13
Good morning families. It is a nice spring morning this morning. Rumour has it that the Minister of Education will be at Premier Ford's press conference at 1:00 today. Perhaps they may be announcing something around schools. We shall see. I will keep you posted. Have a good day. 
Tuesday, May 12
Good morning families, we hope you are all well. I am sure you are aware of how Quebec has begun opening some schools with an optional attendance policy. Many eyes across the country are watching how this unfolds.

 Last night when I was watching the National News cover the story. I listened to the Principal talk about how her purpose and work is around keeping the children and staff safe but reminding everyone of the "fun" this place was for them. 

Then the images stopped my heart. It showed staff in gloves, masks and face shields, teachers reporting how it took all morning to make sure the kids washed their hands properly, desks two metres apart, kids sanitizing their hands as they exited to the playground and kids lining up in the hall two metres apart and finally kids outside for gym or maybe it was recess, lined up 2 metres apart. 

The children did not look like they were having fun, they appeared more terrified to me. I realize many families do not have a choice as they are back to work, but I am sure they are concerned how this "experiment" as the Quebec Government calls it, turns out. I feel for everyone in that situation. I will be watching it closely. What a road they have to travel.
Monday, May 11
I hope all of our North Woods mom had a positive Mother's Day. I hope everyone enjoyed the video we sent out Friday afternoon. I know we didn't have everyone of our Wolves in the video, but that is okay. I want to thank Ms. Siemon for all her work to put that video together. I know you can all appreciate the time involved, especially with a rural internet connection. We will have more things to involve our Wolves in the coming weeks. Remember just do what you can, we appreciate your households are busy dealing with everything you have to deal with. The one thing we really ask is for your child/ren to keep in contact with their teacher. Send a quick email, post something to your learning platform, or join in a Google classroom meeting to say hello. We miss you and want to connect with you. Have a good day.
Friday, May 8
Good Morning!  The video will be sent out today, so check your email.  You may also access it by clicking "What the Wolves have been up to" below.    Thank you for submitting your photos!
Thursday, May 7
We have had many pictures coming in for our student video. If you have not sent in a picture please do that today, so Ms. Siemon has a chance to get the video ready for us. I have been enjoying seeing all of those beautiful faces I have been missing. You will too! Enjoy your day.
Wednesday, May 6
Good morning everyone; I am enjoying the pictures coming in for our student video, keep them coming! We would love to have pictures from as many of our students as possible. Enjoy the activities posted under the principal tab, learn at home tab that Mr. V and Ms. Siemon are posting for you to consider.  Don't forget to email your pictures to Mrs. Goetz by Thursday!
Tuesday, May 5
May 5th: Thank you to everyone that have sent in pictures of your kids adventures for our student video. If you have not sent one in, then please email it to me, 
We hope to have the video ready for Friday.   Check your email today as there is another video from Chef Tony!
Monday, May 4
Welcome to another week. Watch for a fun video coming to you this morning. We had a lot of fun taking our pictures for you, then Ms. Siemon worked her magic to put it together and send it to you. I hope it makes you smile like it does me. Remember to send me your pictures of what makes your family happy this week, so we can make a video of all the families of NWE to share with you. 
The IT department is hosting Google Classroom training for parents this week, on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please click on the link for more information.Google Classroom for Parents
Friday, May 1
Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to May! It is hard to believe that we have been learning on line for a month. Everyone has done a fantastic job. I hope you were able to receive our Monthly newsletter. Please take the time to read it as there is a lot of very important information in there. I hope to receive many emails, pictures, videos about things that make you happy, bring you joy, keep you feeling calm. Read the newsletter and you will know what I am talking about. Have a good weekend and see you Monday. 
Thursday, April 30
Good morning everyone!
Today's April Showers are going to bring May Flowers! I know it is a rainy day, so it is a good day to get caught up with your on-line learning or perhaps a good day to help mom and dad around the house with some chores. Maybe later today, if your parents say it is okay, you can get dressed appropriately and go and jump in the puddles. Whatever you do today, have a great day!
Monday, April 27
Good morning North Woods families! It is nice to see the sun again today. I hope you all had a chance to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had. My husband and I were busy doing some yard work on Saturday that involved having to do some tree work. I definitely got my work out that day!

As you have likely heard on the news, we know that they have extended the school closure until May 31st, with the warning, that if the Medical officials recommend they will extend it past that day. So for now we know we will continue our on line learning. 

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing. I am so amazed at how "tech savy" we are all getting. You and the kids are doing very well. We know that during this time balance is key, so do what you can, when you can, and please know to us, your family mental and physical health comes first to us.  
Please check your email for "Cooking with Chef Tony", which was sent out today.
Friday, April 24
Good morning. It has been another successful week. Thank you everyone for all your hard work. I do appreciate how much effort and commitment learning on line takes and I thank you all for staying committed. Mrs. Siemon is here to help you with any Technology difficulties you may have. She is going to add a message below on how to contact her if you need help. The weekend is suppose to be nice, so I hope you all get a good chance to play outside as this week has not been so nice. I am looking forward to getting outside too. See you Monday.
Help Desk:  Should you require assistance with passwords, apps, etc on the devices, please send an email to the below address.  In your email, please state what device it is, the serial number (for an iPad).  If you are needing a password reset, in your email please include the students login information.  This is the first four letters of first name, first four letters of last name, and 3 numbers.  The more information you send, the easier and quicker it is to help!  The email to send help desk requests to is:
Thursday, April 23
Good morning. I hope everyone had a great Earth Day yesterday and took a few minutes to appreciate our planet Earth.
I have picked up some of the trees we ordered to plant at our school. I pick up the next few next week. Thank goodness for Mrs Hammermueller and her husband who are going to  plant the trees. 
I know many of you would love to help but with the rules of the Emergency order you are not allowed. Don’t worry though, once we are back at school there will be lots of work outside to do.
Wednesday, April 22
Happy Earth Day North Woods Crusaders and Defenders of our amazing Earth!  Our beautiful North Woods butterfly and bee garden calls to you saying, “Remember me, take care of me and my friends and we hope to see you all soon!”  On this Earth Day, get outside and enjoy what nature has given us and remember to do everything you can to take care of it - today and everyday! 
Please check out the Activities for Covid 19 for an Earth Day message!
Tuesday, April 21
An important life lesson for our kids is learning about sympathy and compassion. For our students in grades 3-6, developmentally, they begin to realize the world is bigger than themselves and their family. 

I am sure most of you have heard about the lives lost in Nova Scotia. If you have not done so already, take the time to talk with your child about sympathy and compassion if you feel they are developmentally ready. Address any worries they have and of course give them reassurance. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the province of Nova Scotia. 
Monday, April 20
Good morning North Woods! I hope you are ready for another exciting week of on-line learning. I have had a chance to check in with every class and I am enjoying seeing your work and activities. I know getting use to this new way of learning is challenging, but I am very proud of how you are sticking with it and how much better you are getting at it. I am glad you are taking charge and participating in your learning! Have a good day.   Also, please bear with us, as we are having technical difficulties with Chef Tony's video.  It will be announced here when it is working and available.  Thank you for your patience!
Thursday, April 16
It is another snowy morning. But we are seeing the sunshine, so that is good. Remember to keep checking the principal tab, and then "Covid-19 at home activities" on this webpage. Mrs. Siemon is putting lots of fun activities for you on this tab. Remember to check it everyday for something interesting and fun to do. We are planning on some more surprises for the upcoming days. I hope to pop into some virtual classrooms today and touch base with as many of you as I can. Tomorrow, WonderPhil Magic will be streaming a magic show on Facebook again.  It is at 1pm.  In Facebook, search "WonderPhil Magic" and start following him so that you can watch the magic show.
Wednesday, April 15
As you heard in the news yesterday, the state of emergency has been extended, which means our students are not going back to school on May 4th. We will be listening to the news this week, as the Minister of Education will be speaking to this matter this week. As soon as something is released, communication will be coming from the Board Office. Keep an eye on your email accounts this week parents. Enjoy the snow. 
Tuesday, April 14
Good morning. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy time with the kids to acknowledge the holiday weekend. With the announcement of the Cabinet getting together in Toronto today to pass the extension of the State of Emergency for 28 days, tells us that likely we won't be back in the school by May 4th. Watch  your email account to receive an announcement from the Communication department regarding this.

Our staff are ready to begin week two. I know we had a hydro interruption yesterday in the area, and hopefully everyone is back to full power today. Remember to reach out to your teachers and the teachers supporting your classroom for any assistance or myself. Looks like the sun is going to shine today. So hopefully this allows for some great outside play time.  
Thursday, April 9
After today, we will have finished our first week of on-line learning. I wish to congratulate all of you in the work you have done to rise to this new challenge of learning. I appreciate the frustrations you have experienced, but also the joys in helping your children. We know we will all continue to get better and more comfortable with the technology. 

This weekend is typically one of time with family. I can appreciate the desire to want to get together with familiy and friends. But as you all know, that simply is not a good idea. We need to keep up our physical distancing and stay at home as much as we can. 

Kids, I know you are getting really frustrated with having to stay at home and not being able to see your friends or family. This is just what we have to do to for now. So help mom and dad out as much as you can. Remember, they feel frustrated and sad too. 

So enjoy your weekend as much as you can. There will be no school Friday and Monday as these are both holidays. So have a break from the technology and enjoy all the other things you can do with your family, this holiday weekend. Talk to you Tuesday. 
Wednesday, April 8
Good morning families!

It is a dreary morning, but April showers bring May flowers and beautiful flowers make us all happy. It has been a pleasure seeing the snow drop flowers showing up this past week. I hope you have some in your area to brighten your day. 

I want to acknowledge everyone's hard work with the on-line learning this morning. Staff have been working hard to provide your children with learning. Parents, you have been working hard to help your child to get logged on and work on their activities. All the adults are struggling to make sure they find balance and establish routines, which we know is good for all ages. Students you are working hard learning in a new way. I want to applaud everyone for trying to do what they can. 

We are taking it slow at North Woods, with our first goal being making connections with our students. Your teachers are there for you as am I. Reach out to anyone of us at any time. Do what you can, because we all know and appreciate life is very different right now. Some days we all feel like we can take on the world and some days we just want to hide from the world. So do what you can, we will be here. 
Tuesday April 7

Welcome to Day 2 of On-line Learning. Yesterday was all in all a pretty successful roll out. I am now connected to all classroom's learning platforms so I am able to see what the kids are learning too. It is very exciting to see hear from them. I am also enjoying the emails I am getting from students and families. It helps me to feel connected too. 

For families that completed the Technology Survey last week, the Tech team at the Board office is getting ready for deployment of the devices. If you indicated you needed a device, please check your email, or be checking your phone (whichever way you put in the survey to contact you) as they will be in contact in the next day or two with your pick up instructions. I believe they are hoping to deploy those devices Thursday. 

Remember to keep checking the website, under the "At Home Activities" tab, for links to interesting and fun activities to keep you and your children active and engaged. Thanks to the staff that are putting forth ideas to share. Have a good day.
Monday April 6
Good Morning North Woods! Welcome to our first official day of On-lIne learning. This is an exciting and unknown adventure we are all about to undertake. I know many of you have been checking in with your teachers already as well as some of our support staff. We really are lucky in Ontario because we are one of the provinces that still are trying to give you a chance to participate in school. You might not think you are lucky, but your parents will. I know this might be challenging but we will work through the kinks together. Have a great first day! 
Friday April 3
As I was thinking what I would write today, it dawned on me that Monday will be like the first day of school in September. Sure we know our teacher and we know the support people who will be helping us and we know who the kids are in the classroom. But we know some things will be different, like how we do the learning and how we connect. 

Like the first day of school we are all anxious about how it is going to be, me too, but like the first day of school, we are all excited to be there, happy to connect with each other, looking forward to what Monday, first week, first month is going to be like. So take today and the weekend to enjoy. We are all ready for Monday. The rest falls into place after that. Enjoy your weekend!  
Magic Show
Hey Wolves!
Friday, April 3, WonderPhil Magic will be streaming live a magic show!  Ask your parent or guardian to go on Facebook, and search "WonderPhil Magic".  The show will be streaming live from his Facebook page at 1pm.
Tuesday March 31

The news of the spread and impact of Covid-19 continues to grow. We as adults have difficulty coming to terms with what is happening in our world and in our community. As much as we want to protect our children from hearing about it, the reality is that it is difficult for them not to hear things about it. Make sure you are talking to your child about what they are hearing. Below I have included a couple links to credible Canadian websites that can help us all during this time. Keep social distancing and keep positive. 

This last one is the link to Kids help phone site, that has many fantastic ideas, strategies and activities for your kids  
Cathy GoetzPrincipal
North Woods Elementary
Monday, March 30
Hope everyone is doing okay. I want to reassure every family that we are aware of how challenging the technology part of learning on- line is. We too are going through challenges. Please remember we are all learning. The staff are trying to use formats they and their students are already use to and enhance them if possible. We are expecting to take things one step at a time, so students and families are not overwhelmed. So I ask you not to worry about these technical issues. 

We know teachers have been able to reach out to students with a direct message or by getting an indirect message back. By getting a message out, on the website daily I am hoping this is another way you can make contact with the school. Remember you can leave a message on the school phone as well, as Mrs. Cochrane is checking messages daily and she can communicate it to the appropriate staff. 
Mrs. Goetz
March 27, 2020
Hello families and community members. This is going to be a spot you can access daily for a message from myself, on behalf of the staff. 

Beginning April 6th, Mrs. Siemon, who looks after our library and our Technology is going to be posting some fun activities for our students and families on a daily basis. There will be an activity for various age groups of our student population. These are not mandatory activities, these are just some ideas to help you at home as we all practice social distancing.

We hope you are all keeping well. We know these are challenging times. We know as a staff that the balance of life and learning has always been important, but during these troubling times we appreciate that the balance is even more precious. 

On-line learning is new for all of us and it will be a journey we all take together. As staff who are parents, we appreciate all the valuable activities that children can engage in during this time, such as baking, building, exploring, etc; these are all valuable learning opportunities. I can tell you right now that online learning is not having your child sit in front of the computer for 6 hours, they don't do that at school and they won't be expected to do that when we start on-line learning. We will be incorporating a variety of activities. We are focusing on quality instead of quantity. 

For those of you who have children with special needs we are working as a team to determine how best to help your child. We are well aware of their learning strengths and needs. Staff will be thinking on how to best support your child. 

Switching to on-line learning is a journey that we do not have a road map for, but the great thing about an adventure is all the experiences and learning and fun you have along the way. Come join us for this adventure, beginning April 6th. 

Cathy Goetz
North Woods Elementary
Welcome to North Woods Elementary School. We are a small rural JK to Grade 6 school, serving the communities of Brussels, Ethel and Huron East. The school population is close to 200 students and 20 staff members. Our focus is on student academic achievement and our goal is to help all of our students reach their potential as we teach to their strengths, needs and interests.
Helping our students to be life-long learners, deep thinkers and global citizens is something we work on daily at North Woods. By creating and sustaining an inclusive learning environment, working with community partners and families, co-learning with our students and leveraging digital to enhance learning opportunities we strive to make this happen.
Our school is situated on approximately 25 acres of beautiful learning grounds. Together, with the help of the Maitland Valley Conservation Area and our local community members, we run outdoor education programs and explore nature year round on the trails, at the river’s edge and in the wetlands. Students at NWES are immersed in nature daily at our school where they develop an appreciation for their environment.
North Woods is a TRIBES learning community that promotes human growth and provides a caring environment for cooperative learning. We all agree to listen attentively to each other and practice mutual respect daily. We encourage everyone to show appreciation for each other by speaking kindly and being aware of other people’s feelings and we allow the right to pass in certain activities. With these things in place, our students feel safe, ready to learn.
Cathy Goetz, Principal

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