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Check back often to see learn about our efforts to reduce our schools carbon footprint.
January 15, 2020:
EcoWolves would like us all to consider these images and strive to make one or two simple changes.  Imagine the impact of even one more student bringing a lunch to school like the one on the right!    It’s no longer a matter of ‘IF’ we do something, it is ‘WHEN’, and the ‘when’ is NOW!Image of various lunch containers showing ways to pack a litterless lunch.
Poster with illustrated graphics to show how to reduce waste.
November 2019:
Kindergarten/Grade 1 students measuring our tree seedlings in the woods as part of our on-going school ‘greening’ project in the Learning Grounds.
Child planting a tree
Kindergarten kids looking at tree seedling
Images to show ways to reduce ocean plastics
Images and charts to illustrate using reusable containers instead of single use plastic or paper bags/napkins etc.
Facts on food waste in Canad
6 Ways to reduce food waste - Plan and prep, keep it fresh, get creative, rethink expiry and best before days, love leftovers, compost the rest
November 5th – Save money and energy by wearing an extra sweater on Sweater Day at North Woods.
Sweater Day poster November 5th
October 11 2019
October 9 2019